Committed Legal Defense for DUI/DWI Offenses

Don't Get Stuck in the Can

Whether you have a drinking problem or you just had a few too many one time, driving while intoxicated can lead to your arrest and incarceration. Get the criminal defense you need to restore your freedom and your life. For all DUI-related offenses, call Soslowsky Law Firm, plc at 520-421-9900. We're there for you, with experienced legal counsel, even when you feel all alone.

Drinking and Driving Are a Bad Combination

You're not alone. You're one of thousands of Americans who drive drunk every year. You know you made a mistake. Let us help you pay your debt and move on.

Committed Legal Defense for All DUI-related Arrests

  • DUI
  • DWI
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Property damage
  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Open container violations
  • Aggravated DUI
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