By soslowskyla99003374, Apr 28 2017 05:16PM

"The state was now relying entirely on Rhynard's jailhouse snitch testimony. The state could not corroborate anything that he had stated during the free talk. Defense Attorney Jim Soslowsky skillfully impeached Rhynard's testimony with the information that I had provided him. . . ."


Professional and personable

By soslowskyla99003374, Dec 14 2016 09:02PM

Jim was the best attorney I could have ever hoped for. He's totally professional and personable; he was always prepared for all my days in Court. Grace is also very professional, personable, and they work extremely well together. Thank you for representing me in Pinal County.

Your good work is good will to those people you serve

By soslowskyla99003374, Nov 18 2016 08:19PM

Recently our client B.V. had this to say about our firm:

Back in January of this year my health was seriously compromised and found myself in desperate need for some legal counsel to deal with a traffic incident for which my citations required legal representation. I found your Soslowsky Law Firm site online. I was so pleased that of four or five law firms I contacted, Grace was so kind to straightaway set me up with an appointment to meet Jim. The whole experience with Grace and her office was beyond any expectations! She kept check on me during the long time it took to complete my Diversion commitments. The day I meet with Jim was particularly difficult as I was starting chemo that week. I was very concerned about my court case and did not know what to expect of the court proceedings. Jim and Grace patiently listened to my situation, reviewed my court documents, explained my case and court proceeding, and answered all my questions. Jim’s good track record and his professional expertise were reassuring throughout the whole process. I am forever grateful to Jim and Grace for their advice, and due diligence in helping me with my case. Your good work is good will to those people you serve… Happy Holidays!!”

Man found guilty, insane in 
murder case

By soslowskyla99003374, Oct 14 2016 10:26PM

Published by Casa Grande Dispatch on 8/23/16

Man Found Guilty, Insane in Murder Case

Posted: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 8:21 am


FLORENCE — When Joseph Cain Cecil stabbed his 65-year-old mother to death before turning on his aunt, he believed God was speaking to him, ordering the brutal attacks in October 2013.

Pinal County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene near Casa Grande to find a blood-soaked woman on the lawn and her apparent attacker on the ground, a man armed with a shovel standing over him.

Ronna Thomas, a longtime barber, was found at her home with multiple stab wounds. Though her sister survived, Thomas succumbed to her wounds later that same day at the Casa Grande hospital, and her son was arrested.

Cecil pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder, attempted murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, but on Thursday, a Pinal County Superior Court judge found him guilty except insane on all charges. Due to his mental state at the time of the crime, Cecil is to live out the rest of his life not in prison but in the care of the Arizona State Hospital.

The judge’s ruling followed findings by experts for both the prosecution and the court that the defendant was guilty but insane.

“Due to a complete breakdown of the mental health system, this terrible incident occurred,” said Jim Soslowsky, co-counsel on Cecil’s defense team. “Joseph is remorseful and relieved that he will now go to the Arizona State Hospital for the rest of his life, where he can receive the medication and treatment he needs.”

Three months after Thomas’ death, Pinal County Superior Court Judge Henry Gooday ordered her son to undergo treatment at the same hospital he was later committed to until he could be found competent enough to stand trial. The Pinal County Attorney’s Office chose to seek the death penalty soon after despite then-Pinal Public Defender April Elliott’s insistence that her client was “seriously mentally ill pursuant to law.”

With input from mental health experts, the court seemed to agree as the case came to a close.

“This defendant brutally stabbed his mother to death, attacked her sister and tried assaulting a neighbor who came to their rescue,” Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles said in a press release, adding Cecil deserved the life sentence. “Regardless of where this defendant serves his time, the victims’ family members still feel they received the justice they deserve and are pleased with the outcome of this case.”

The Casa Grande Dispatch previously reported Cecil was committed to the Arizona State Hospital once before this case, serving three and a half years after he pleaded guilty but insane to another charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He has also been arrested nearly 24 times in Arizona.

Two words. Choose him.

By soslowskyla99003374, Oct 14 2016 04:38PM

I went online for a local attorney for a charge that had me very nervous. Jim and his helpful staff kept me calm and went through the process of handling the aspects of this charge. He was on hand with advice and realistic expectations of the whole situation.

I had contacted other attorneys and they seemed more interested in money before anything. Jim was affordable, professional and got my plea reduced as well. I would and do recommend him for any legal issues that happen for any reason.
Two words. Choose him.
By A.O.

Murder trial ends with an acquittal

By soslowskyla99003374, Oct 13 2016 11:35PM

Published by Casa Grande Dispatch

Pinal murder trial ends in acquittal

By KATIE CAMPBELL, Staff Writer | Posted: Thursday, July 28, 2016 8:42 am

FLORENCE -- After waiting more than three years for a trial, a San Tan Valley man has been found not guilty of murder.

A Pinal County Superior Court jury returned the not guilty verdict for Darrin Craig Wednesday afternoon on one count of first degree murder and two counts of conspiracy to commit murder.

“Darrin was falsely accused and has waited for 3 and a half years for trial,” said Jim Soslowsky, Esq., one of two defense attorneys on the case. “It is a travesty that the state initially pursued the death penalty and he had wait so long for trial, but, in the end, the jury did the right thing and justice prevailed.”

Craig was charged in 2013 for his alleged role in the death of John Wayne Murrell, a businessman in Apache Junction. Soslowsky declined to comment on the evidence presented in the case due to the pending trial for Craig’s co-defendant, Thomas Salois.

Following the verdict, Soslowsky said members of the jury stuck around to meet his client’s family, many of which flew in from Michigan to support Craig “from the very beginning.”

“I’ve been in this 21 years, and it’s not that often you have the jury stay to meet the family,” Soslowsky said. “The lawyers, maybe, but not the family - that’s rare.”

He said Craig, a 20-year resident of San Tan Valley with his longtime girlfriend, was relieved by the result, giving him a chance to catch up on years of lost time.

In an email to the Dispatch, Pinal County Attorney Lando Voyles said, “This is a homicide case with a co-defendant still pending trial. We expect to continue to seek justice for the victim, John Murrell. All defendants are presumed innocent, until and unless proven guilty.”

As previously reported, death penalty cases come at an average cost of $500,000 per year. The state did file a motion to withdraw its intent to seek a death sentence - “based on information obtained during the state’s continuing investigation,” according to document of the motion - but not until June 20 of this year. Given cost estimates, that means the unsuccessful case may have cost the county as much as $1.5 million.

According to the charging document filed against Craig on March 7, 2013, Murrell was found dead in his Apache Junction business, Watches Watches Watches, on Jan. 8 of that year. An officer at the scene noted he had ligature marks on his hands, indicating he had been bound, and multiple wounds, including “an obvious wound to the head, near the left ear, consistent with a gunshot wound.” He could not be immediately identified due to his injuries and the beginning stages of decomposition that had already set in at the time authorities discovered his body.

Thomas Salois is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 8.

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